Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elephant Lunchbox

If you've been keeping up with me at all the past three months, you would know that this has been quite possibly the most abysmal summer on record. Seriously, I've been miserable. Constant school, not much of a social life to speak of (though I am slowly starting to rebuild my friend base, so that's a plus), and it has been roughly 5000 degrees every day. Thank goodness for my mother who just whisked me away to California for 5 days. If not for that I probably would still be hiding in my closet crying about the astonishing lack of life in my life. Sounds a wee bit pathetic, right?

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall semester at St. Ed's and I'm not dreading it. At least it will be a change of scene, I'll get to see some different people, I'll get to be in classes that I actually want to take, and last (but most importantly) I'll get to use my new lunchbox. Now, I know you're thinking why would an adult cary a lunchbox? Well, one day during my internship I mentioned to my colleague, Katie, that I take brown paper sack lunches on days when I have several classes with no breaks. She then brought to my attention that I should get a lunchbox because using all those paper bags is pretty wasteful. She's right. So one night, my friend Magz and I were galavanting around Target and I spotted a lunchbox that is shaped like an elephant. Naturally, elephants being my power animal, I had to buy it. This is not a wasted purchase because I'm kind of in love with this lunchbox. Functional and fun. It even has an ice pack that looks like an elephant. What more could I want!?

It even has a tail haha!