Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Let me just preface this by saying, if you have any qualms with homosexuality you probably should stop reading and just un-friend me from life because I don't think we're going to get along all that great. I am usually not the type to wear my religious and political opinions on my sleeve unless something really peeves me, but make no mistake, my beliefs are solid and not going to change anytime soon.

Recently I posted a controversial video on my Facebook wall that depicted a Christian pastor reaching out to the homosexual youth of his congregation. He asked these young people to approach the stage to "be saved from the sin of homosexuality." He said he loved them, he forgave them, he welcomed them back into the church because they were tricked by "perverts" who made them think that they could possibly be homosexual.

Does anybody else think that's crazy? Because I certainly do. And if someone said that to my child at church I would be the first person up there saying "Fuck you, buddy. God gave me this kid so he must've had some sort of plan here." I just don't understand the whole "homosexuality is a sin" concept. I was raised Catholic, I've gone to Catholic school for 16 years so needless to say I've read the Bible a few times and have a pretty great relationship with the man upstairs. But never once in my life have I felt any hostility towards gay people. It just doesn't make sense to me that someone could harbor such intense hate for another person just based on their sexuality. I don't care who you want to spend your life with! You can marry a man or a woman or a flippin goat if that's what makes you happy and gives your life meaning. Hate just seems to waste everyone's time. Case and point: Westbro Baptist Church. If they took all of that energy and focused it somewhere positive I wager that they could cure world poverty.

I'm with this guy. LOL

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kin Folk

It's been a hot minute since I last posted! You may be thinking "she must just be having an amazing summer filled with fun and merriment." Well you would be mistaken. I'm doing a lot of summer school and my internship so I really do not have time to do anything but study and sleep. Ah..the life I lead.

I decided to make this post about something that is a new pseudo obsession of mine: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC. It is awful. But I just can't seem to look away when I stumble onto a new episode. The show centers around the Irish Traveler community in the UK and depicts their lavish, and oh so tacky, weddings and other rites of passage. I think part of the reason I watch it is because I come from a long line of Irish Travelers. I just keep thinking "that could be my life." I mean, let's face it, Irish families multiply at a rapid rate so there's a good chance we're related to some of these people. I'm twenty years old so apparently if I were living among the Travelers I would be a spinster by now. That, or I'd be on my third wedding anniversary with two or three kids running around and one on the way. NO, THANK YOU.

Remember how I said these blessed Traveler events are tacky? I say that because I don't think there has yet been a word invented to truly encapsulate the horror that is a wedding dress in this gypsy community. I'll just let you be the judge. This darling girl is 16 years old and she's marrying her prince charming. Read: they've known each other all of three months and he won her heart by buying her a trailer of their very own that she can clean all day long while he goes to work AND he was late to the wedding because he was down the street getting drunk with his friends. (Man, I wish that dude was still on the market. He sounds like a goddamn champ.)

That's her with her bridesmaids. Cute.
This girl gives a whole new meaning to the term "wedding glow." She had LED lights placed all through her dress and vale. I don't know why Vera Wang hasn't jumped on that bandwagon yet.
The show isn't all bad, it's a nice insight into the life of an Irish Traveler. I think if they hadn't centered it around the mating rituals I could take it more seriously. STOP wearing the nutty dresses and then maybe people won't discriminate against you. I don't mean they need to conform totally to mainstream society, but if they want so badly to be accepted don't wear that dress to a church. Just sayin.