Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suzie Homemaker

Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm pretty into cooking, but I like things that are easy and don't require a long attention span. If you need some spaghetti, I'm your girl. If you're craving a bomb grilled cheese sandwich, look no further. And I can make baked goods all day long, but things that involve serious commitment are not really my thing. However I have decided to start making actual food for myself. I am adult after all and will actually need this life skill right about nowish. I'm going to start small with some old school favorites and I will test everything on my hungry roommate.

Tonight was the beginning! I grew up watching my mom make mashed potatoes for every major holiday. She's the Betty Crocker of homemade mashed potatoes. They're awesome. I count the days until Christmas, not for the gifts, but because I know I'll wake up to the sound of the hand held mixer whipping those potatoes into fluffy, buttery goodness. So I say to myself "Self, you've watched mom do it for 20 years, how hard could it be?" I did not use a recipe. Some might say mistake, but I say who needs a recipe? I made them from scratch adding a pinch of butter and some salt. THEY WERE AWESOME. Mom-you've got some competition. Thanksgiving is mine this year. Deal with it. I would gladly post a picture of said fabulous potatoes, but Caroline and I devoured every last bit without even bothering to use plates. Just forks. Standing in the kitchen eating out of the mixing bowl. That's how we do it in our apartment.

After tonight's success I will be making all kinds of delicious food. So stay tuned for the deliciousness that is sure to ensue and maybe I'll invite you to dinner.

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