Thursday, February 17, 2011


I left my heart in San Fransisco Louisville, Kentucky....
My very sweet mother attempted to send me a care package filled with all kinds of treasures. The box included a target gift card, candy galore and even my old childhood friends, Mr. Bunny and Mr. Bear. These dudes have been with me since the beginning of time. Literally. March 21st will be our 20th anniversary so obviously we have some history. Sounds like the best package you've ever heard of right? So naturally I've been looking forward to it for a bout a week now and when it didn't arrive on time I began to become concerned. So this afternoon I go to the post office where they informed me that the box was in fact delivered in tact and on time! In Louisville, Kentucky. Now I  know it's been a while since my last geography class, but I'm pretty sure Austin, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky are not exactly close.

 It's shit like this that makes me wish I were a wizard..witch...whatever [I like Harry Potter, get over it]. I would just wave my wand and bizboombang that express mail package would appear at my apartment doorstep. Done and done. I already have a wand [thanks, Harry Potter World] now all I need is my Hogwarts acceptance letter and I'm golden.

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