Thursday, February 24, 2011


A guilty pleasure is just that. And one of my guilty pleasures is none other than Jersey Shore. I can't deny that when I'm channel surfing I get sucked in by those rust-colored, not so Italians. Not to mention that I, along with the rest of the college students in America, am enthralled with the soap opera that is Ron and Sam Relationship. It's clearly a lifetime movie just waiting to happen. Also I feel a kinship with Snooki because I feel like nobody else understands just how delicious pickles really are. Come one. Pickles are the greatest snacks. And whoever invented fried pickles deserves some kind of a metal. Let's not overlook the fact that a couple of those young men (Pauly and Vinny) are pretty easy on the eyes.

What's nuts is how much money those kids make. I mean come on, The Situation made something like $200,000 last year. For What? Having sex with lots of girls and going to the gym on a regular basis? I say that, yet here I sit on a Thursday night drinking my Jamba Juice and laughing out loud as Snooks and Deena get sent unknowingly to Times Square. Situation-1, Meatballs-0.

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