Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jesus Pancakes

True to form, whenever something really exciting is on the horizon my body decides to revolt. So naturally on the eve of Caroline's birthday I developed a nasty case of strep throat. Luckily this is my 237th case of strep so I knew immediately what I had and what needed to be done to treat it. Unfortunately, it took the staff at the urgent care clinic 3 hours to get on my level. I've had strep more times than anyone else I know combined. I can tell that I have it simply by the way that mouth tastes. Just write me the prescription and we can all get on with our day. No, I have to wait for them to run a test that should take 5 minutes but took 45 just to prove that I, in fact, have strep. But alas I am now chock full of penicillin and on my way to feeling better.

Despite my timing impaired tonsils, Caroline's 21st birthday party was a great success. All of our friends came out to celebrate with her and everybody had a fantastic time. The best part about hosting a party is that you don't have to go home after the party. It's boss. There's no driving, no walking up stairs, no unlocking doors. You just walk into your room and go to sleep. The downside of hosting a party is that when you wake up and walk into the living room you are greeted with the smell of stale beer (yum) and a plethora of solo cups. So naturally the three of us brushed our teeth, got dressed and left the apartment to pretend the mess didn't exist. Besides, it was a beautiful day outside so we would have been doing ourselves an injustice to clean rather than get out and soak up some Vitamin D.

So my other roommate, Carissa, and I decided to have a Sunday lunch date at Magnolia complete with Jesus Pancakes. That's right. You heard me. Jesus Pancakes. A plate-sized buttermilk pancake with bananas and chocolate chips baked inside. With grilled potatoes and orange juice on the side. If that doesn't say "Happy Sunday" I don't know what does. 

You know you want that.

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